COVID-19 Resources

Below are resources you may find helpful for protecting yourself, your loved ones and your community from COVID-19. If there’s a resource or link you’d like to request to be added to this page, please use the Submit Feedback function at the bottom of this page.

Where to get vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccinations are available at ETHP’s vaccine clinics and COVID-19 Outreach Centres in East Toronto. Our vaccine clinics accept appointments and walk-ins. Our COVID-19 Outreach Centres accept walk-ins; some accept appointments.

Vaccinations are free and open to all individuals aged 5 and older.

Please visit our COVID-19 Vaccination page to learn more about our vaccine clinics in East Toronto, including how to book an appointment. Visit our COVID-19 Outreach Centres page to see locations and hours.

Where to get a PCR test

COVID-19 PCR tests, assessments and take-home PCR test kits are available at Michael Garron Hospital’s (MGH) Clinical Assessment Centre by appointment and walk-in. These services are also available at our COVID-19 Outreach Centres in East Toronto by walk-in.

You can also get a PCR test, assessment or take-home PCR test kit at these locations if you are eligible.

See locations and hours of MGH’s Clinical Assessment Centre and our COVID-19 Outreach Centres. COVID-19 PCR tests and assessments are also available to eligible individuals at other Clinical Assessment Centres in Toronto.

Where to get treatment

COVID-19 treatment, including the Paxlovid pill, is for people who are at higher risk of becoming seriously sick or being hospitalized from COVID-19.

Use the Ontario government's COVID-19 antiviral treatment screener to help you determine if you are at higher risk of becoming seriously sick or being hospitalized from COVID-19 and may benefit from these treatments. This screener is only meant as an aid and cannot guarantee you access to COVID-19 antiviral treatment.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, even if they are mild, and you think you may benefit from COVID-19 treatment, walk in or make an appointment at MGH's Clinical Assessment Centre. Learn more about COVID-19 treatment.

Information about the COVID-19 vaccine

ETHP has developed materials to help our staff, physicians, clients, families and caregivers make confident and educated decisions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you have questions or concerns about the vaccine, or are interested in promoting vaccine confidence in your community, we encourage you to read, watch and share the resources below.

Frequently Asked Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Aged 5-11

Handout with common questions and answers. Available in Bengali, English, Simplified Chinese and Slovak.

How to Call the Province to Book a Vaccine Appointment

Handout explaining how to book a vaccine appointment using Ontario's booking system. Available in multiple languages.

Community Q&A on the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children and Families — November 2021

A special edition of our Q&A for children aged 5 to 11 and families. Featuring Dr. Janine McCready, Dr. Lopamudra Das and Morgan Livingstone.

Comfort Positions for Vaccinating Children

Handout describing hugging holds that will help your child feel safe and comfortable when they get their COVID-19 vaccine.

How to Prepare Your Child for Their COVID-19 Vaccine

Handout describing steps you can take to help your child have a positive vaccine experience.

Community Q&A on the COVID-19 Vaccine for Youth and Families — June 2021

A special edition of our Q&A for youth aged 12 to 17 and families. Featuring Dr. Janine McCready, Dr. Kimberley Kitto, Sydney Olsen and Azan Alnur.

Community Q&A on the COVID-19 Vaccine — May 2021

Featuring Dr. Janine McCready, Dr. Kimberley Kitto, Matt Wong and Jason Altenberg.

Community Q&A on the COVID-19 Vaccine — April 2021

Featuring Dr. Jeff Powis, Dr. Karen Chu, Sohelia Bonhi and Dr. Kathryn Nichol.

ETHP Vaccine Influencer Poster Template

A poster template that helps ETHP members promote vaccine confidence and uptake at their organizations.

Understanding COVID-19: How Vaccines Work

Video featuring trusted health experts explaining how vaccines help protect our bodies from disease and infection. Sourced from the Yale School of Medicine.

What Everyone Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

Whiteboard video that explains the COVID-19 vaccine in plain language. Sourced from Unity Health Toronto.

Youth COVID-19 Vaccination: What to Expect

Youth-centred video outlining what to expect when you get your COVID-19 vaccine. Sourced from SickKids.

Preparing for Your COVID-19 Vaccine: A Guide for Older Adults

Tips to help lessen pain, stress and anxiety during vaccination for older adults. Available in English and French. Sourced from Immunize Canada, Help Eliminate Pain in Kids and Adults, and the University of Toronto.