She takes care of your mother. He gets your groceries to you. These are the unsung heroes who will get us through the COVID-19 pandemic

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, we have all been asked to make changes.

Don’t go to the beach. Don’t go to school. Don’t even think about a beer with friends in your basement or a holiday dinner with the extended family. Not the directives you’d typically expect from elected officials, but this is life in a pandemic, uncertain and unprecedented.

The weeks drag on, life transforms, and countless people are helping Ontarians get by with our new “stay at home” reality. And in most cases, that means they can’t stay at home themselves.

There are the health-care workers who are taking care of the sick and the vulnerable, and countless ordinary heroes making our world function: They stock the grocery store shelves, take care of others, they deal with people’s financial concerns during a crisis.

There are couriers who deliver medical supplies to doctors and craft projects to families stuck at home, and public health workers who are tracing the virus from person to person in a bid to stop its spread. In these bewildering times, helpers are everywhere.

These are just a few of their stories.

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