‘A hospital without walls’: How Providence is supporting physical and social health care in vulnerable communities

For many populations experiencing disadvantage in Toronto, accessing health care can be a challenge. Now more than ever, Providence Healthcare, Unity Health Toronto, is providing important support, bringing health care directly into the Oakridge community through an innovative model working directly with primary care physicians.

Providence joined the Primary Care Interprofessional Care (IPC) team initiative in Oakridge alongside Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) and WoodGreen in 2017. Now, Providence, Michael Garron Hospital and the East Toronto Family Practice Network (EasT-FPN) work to deliver primary care and interdisciplinary services directly in high-needs areas of the community

Many of the people Qu works with include those living with addiction, seniors, people with disabilities and refugees. Many live with a low income.

Qu, alongside Katherine Zgorzalewicz, another Clinical Community Specialist, and Dr. Drew Heyding, a community primary care physician and clinical lead, conducts regular clinics within Toronto Community Housing units in the Oakridge area, addressing issues like diabetes and high blood pressure.

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