Our Work

East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) is developing integrated programs and services that help support the health of our communities.
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Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) Ontario Health Team (OHT)

Working with the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO), a BPSO OHT commits to a four-year partnership with the Association, during which it works to optimize patient outcomes through science-based practice and robust staff engagement.
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Collaborative Quality Improvement Plan (cQIP)

A cQIP is a formal commitment to quality that an Ontario Health Team (OHT) makes to its community. It is an important part of how OHTs deliver higher quality, more integrated care to the communities they serve.
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COVID-19 Outreach Centres

Our COVID-19 Outreach Centres offer walk-in and child-friendly COVID-19 PCR tests, assessments, vaccinations and other supports in priority neighbourhoods in East Toronto.
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Primary and Community Care (PCC) Response Teams

Our Primary and Community Care (PCC) Response Teams are an integrated care planning program that offers neighbourhood- and team-based health and social services care planning to help vulnerable adults navigate the healthcare system.
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Seasonal Community-Based Projects

These initiatives aim to maintain our collaborative COVID-19 response while addressing pressing community health needs that emerge or are worsened during this time of year, which typically sees an increased demand for health, social and community services.