Our Governance

East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) builds on the 25-plus-year history of East Toronto health and social service organizations working together to better serve and represent the healthcare needs of local communities. In late 2017, the CEOs of five organizations that represent the continuum of healthcare came together to form the foundation of an integrated care network (known today as ETHP).

Today, ETHP is governed through an anchor-partner model, with each member of the anchor partner organizations representing a different care sector (see below). ETHP’s governance structure employs a “network of networks” model, enabled by a small group of trusted partners representing the full continuum of care, to facilitate change and improve care through a streamlined decision-making process.

Current members of ETHP include:

  • Clients, families and caregivers*
  • Engaged partners**
  • Supporting partners***
  • East Toronto Family Practice Network (EasT-FPN) (representing the voice of more than 270 family physicians in East Toronto)
  • Chester Village (representing long-term care)
  • Michael Garron Hospital (representing hospital and acute care)
  • Providence Healthcare (Unity Health Toronto) (representing complex continuing care and rehabilitation)
  • South Riverdale Community Health Centre (on behalf of East Toronto community health centres)
  • VHA Home HealthCare (liaison to home care providers)
  • WoodGreen Community Services (representing home and community care, community mental health, addictions and developmental services, community support services and housing)

*Clients, families and caregivers are at the centre of ETHP’s governance structure, with two members of ETHP’s Community Advisory Council appointed as members of ETHP’s leadership team.

**Engaged partners are healthcare and social services organizations actively involved in the planning and delivery of specific initiatives. See all our partners.

***Supporting partners are healthcare and social services organizations that remain informed and involved in ETHP work. However, they may not be actively involved in the planning and delivery of services. See all our partners.

The organizational members above are the formal signatories to ETHP’s joint venture agreement (Download PDF) and to the eventual accountability agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Health.

ETHP is supported by funding from the Government of Ontario.