The Neighbourhood Group keeps seniors connected with outdoor performance

Local band Evolution donated their time and talent during a performance for residents at The Neighbourhood Group.

Throughout COVID-19, The Neighbourhood Group (TNG) has remained committed to helping vulnerable seniors in the community stay engaged and active so they will not feel isolated. At TNG senior’s apartment building at 11 Coatsworth in East Toronto, they have been providing activities such as Balcony Bingo to help the residents stay connected while keeping them safe through social distancing.

Thanks to Evolution, a local band who donated their time and talent, TNG was able to host a Balcony Dancing event in May. Band members Howard Rabkin, Evelynne Ross and Henry Lees commented: “we just want to make seniors smile and forget about being alone for a while”.

The event was a huge success! There were seniors on every balcony and TNG Personal Support Workers helped those with limited mobility to their balconies so they could also enjoy the band. Once the music started, neighbours in the community came out onto their front porches to participate. As cars drove by, people tooted their horns and waved in appreciation.

This was a great example of a fun event bringing a community together and spreading joy during this difficult time.