Diabetes Awareness Month: Connecting people living with and at-risk of type 2 diabetes to local supports

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, which is when World Diabetes Day (November 14) also takes place. For the last three years, the theme of World Diabetes Day has been “access to diabetes care.”  This year, the campaign focuses on knowing your risk of type 2 diabetes and increasing awareness of diabetes-related complications and ways to reduce the risk.

According to Diabetes Canada, 30% of people in Ontario are living with diabetes or prediabetes. Local data shows that 15 of the neighbourhoods that ETHP serves have higher rates of diabetes compared to the Toronto average.

There are free community programs across the Toronto Region that support people living with and at risk of diabetes, with several programs located within East Toronto. These programs include Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPPs), Diabetes Education Programs (DEPs), the Diabetes Eye Screening Program (DESP), and the Choose Health Self-Management Program.

How to get diabetes care in East Toronto

The Toronto Central Referral Service (TCRS) provides a central access point for people living with or at risk of type 2 diabetes to connect to any of these programs. Anyone can refer, and referrals can be made in a variety of ways. Self-referrals are also welcome!

For more information about available diabetes supports in East Toronto, and how to get connected, visit Toronto Diabetes Care Connect at torontodiabetesreferral.com or give our team a call at 416-778-0676 ext. 2242.

TCRS is also now accepting eReferrals. For healthcare providers, if you are not yet using eReferral and are interested in learning more, please contact the Ontario eServices Program at eReferral@ehealthce.ca.

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