ETHP announces joint interim leadership positions supporting WoodGreen Community Services and Michael Garron Hospital

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Dorothy Quon, Director, Seniors and Aging at WoodGreen and MGH, and Kevin Edmonson, Vice President, Community Care Seniors and Wellness at WoodGreen.

We are pleased to share two leadership announcements that further the partnership between WoodGreen Community Services and Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), as part of our broader East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) collaboration.

The first is the promotion of Kevin Edmonson to the temporary position of Vice President, Community Care Seniors and Wellness at WoodGreen. Kevin is a seasoned leader at MGH, leading the Emergency, Critical Care, Cardiology and Transitional Care services.

Most recently, Kevin also led significant portions of ETHP’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting outreach efforts to long-term care, congregate living and shelter settings. He also led our COVID-19 Assessment Centre and community testing sites and early vaccination programming.

Kevin will serve in the Vice President role at WoodGreen half-time, while maintaining his Emergency, Critical Care and Cardiology responsibilities at MGH.

The second is the promotion of Dorothy Quon to the temporary position of Director, Seniors and Aging across WoodGreen and MGH. This position expands on Dorothy’s current responsibilities at WoodGreen for Seniors and Assisted Living, adding Transitional Care services at MGH to her portfolio.

In her new role, Dorothy will lead hospital services in complex continuing care, rehabilitation, palliative and long-term ventilation services. Dororthy will also lead MGH’s off-site Atrium at Kew Beach location, a partnership between the hospital and VHA Home HealthCare, among other partnership efforts in transitional care.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking Kevin and Dorothy for taking on these new positions. Although temporary, both of these roles advance the longstanding partnership efforts between WoodGreen and MGH and demonstrate the many opportunities to collaborate across ETHP!

Thank you,

Anne Babock
President and CEO, WoodGreen Community Services

Mark Fam
Vice President, Clinical Programs, Michael Garron Hospital

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