ETHP’s Community Advisory Council shares 2022/23 Annual Report

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Members of ETHP’s Community Advisory Council gather at an East Toronto park.

East Toronto Health Partners’ (ETHP) Community Advisory Council (CAC) is delighted to share its 2022/23 Annual Report, which summarizes the council’s work during its second year.

The CAC is a group of 15 patient, caregivers and community members who are dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of East Toronto. They are important members of our Ontario Health Team (OHT).

Working closely with our partner organizations, the CAC provides feedback on a volunteer basis on different health-related programs and services to help improve the way people find and get care in the community.

Increasing engagement across OHT

The CAC’s 2022/23 Annual Report highlights how the group has progressed over the past year to become a more mature council with clear priorities, an annual work plan and an evaluation framework for monitoring effectiveness.

Notably, the CAC increased engagement by opening its council meetings to over 60 other patient, caregiver and community advisors from across ETHP.

This offered the OHT’s larger network of advisors a place to regularly meet, receive updates from ETHP and participate in discussions about programs and services related to health, community and social services.

Over the past year, the group also contributed to training opportunities across ETHP that help health, social and services providers better understand when they should engage patients, caregivers and community members in their work. This helps ensure health, social and community services are designed by and for those who will use them most.

View and download the council’s 2022/23 Annual Report (Download PDF).

As the role of the CAC continues to evolve, council members will continue to focus on supporting the development of engagement strategies while prioritizing the inclusion of equity-deserving and underrepresented groups.

The council’s goal for the future is to continue ensuring there is community representation in all key ETHP decision-making bodies.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the CAC and their role in improving the way people in East Toronto find and get care, we invite you to learn more about the CAC or view the 2022/23 Annual Report by clicking the link above.

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