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#OneEastToronto shares the faces of East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), a group of more than 100 community, primary care, home care, hospital and social services organizations in East Toronto, as well as patient and caregiver advisors, working together to better connect local care and services.

Meet Nadine Williams, Program Supervisor, MGH2Home Program at VHA Home HealthCare. 

“I started my career in the health industry as a personal trainer and diet technician. I have always been passionate about the impact lifestyle changes can have on the body and the mind. While working in fitness, my aunt who was a nurse told me that I should go into nursing. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but years later her suggestion came back to me. My love for helping others, and this confidence boost from my aunt, motivated me to go back to school to work toward my nursing degree.  

After several nursing and clinical lead roles in VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) nursing clinics, and now as Program Supervisor for the MGH2Home Program, I am confident that this is the right path for me.

MGH2Home is an enhanced care program from East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) that supports adults with higher needs to safely transition from Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) to home. I work with a multidisciplinary team of nurses, personal support workers, homemakers, occupational therapists and others, who are all from ETHP member organizations: VHA Home HealthCare, Spectrum Health Care and WoodGreen Community Services. Together, we assess each client’s individual needs and create a short-term transition plan.

In my role as Program Supervisor, I lead the development of these comprehensive care plans, oversee scheduling and caseloads, and coach an integrated care approach within the team. I address any client concerns and connect directly with primary care providers and specialists. I also communicate with Home and Community Care Support Services and other community agencies to improve the continuity of care after this transition period.  

The learning opportunities that arise from working on an interdisciplinary team are endless. We motivate each other, solve problems faster and use our unique skills to meet the shared goal of excellent client care. This ‘one team’ approach improves care outcomes and reduces unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital re-admission rates.

Collaboration is more important than ever in the healthcare system as we continue to see an increase in patients with more than one disease or condition at the same time and the complexity of care. I’m proud of how the MGH2Home Program in East Toronto is integrating services and I see the positive impact this can have on our clients every day.”  

5 Comments on “#OneEastToronto – Meet Nadine Williams”

  1. Sounds like terrific program with the best person suited to lead it. Congratulations Nadine and team!

  2. This is a terrific health program with the best person to lead it. Congratulations Nadine and team!

  3. I knew from the beginning you would be one of the best person to work there. You caring for other people.
    Congratulations Nadine keep up the good work!

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