Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) Ontario Health Team (OHT) Learning Resources

East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) has committed to implementing best practices in person- and family-centred care within our partnership.

One best practice recommendation is to educate healthcare providers and team members on attributes of person- and family-centred care. This education contributes to improving clinical outcomes and satisfaction with care. In November 2020, ETHP launched an eLearning module on person- and family-centred care. We incorporated new content in early 2021 and shared a new version of the eLearning module across ETHP in May 2021.

If you have completed the ETHP eLearning module, or are interested in learning more about the Person- and Family-Centred Care Best Practice Guideline, please see this list of additional resources:

The ETHP eLearning module on person- and family-centred care is available for other East Toronto partner organizations to use for staff training purposes. If you are an ETHP member interested in using the eLearning module within your own organization, please contact for more information and to share your plans for using the eLearning module.