ETHP hosts summer planning session in Thorncliffe Park with staff and community members

Wide-angle shot of a large group of people standing inside Thorncliffe Park Community Hub

A quarter of attendees at ETHP’s summer planning session were patients, caregivers and community members.

East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), the Ontario Health Team (OHT) serving East Toronto, hosted more than 160 people at its biannual planning session at Thorncliffe Park Community Hub on July 10.

A quarter of attendees were community health ambassadors and patient, caregiver and community advisors from our Community Advisory Council, Taylor-Massey Residents Wellness Council and other advisory groups. They shared their knowledge and lived experiences, and coordinated activities during the event.

Other attendees included staff from our 100-plus partner organizations, as well as our colleagues from Ontario Health and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

During the planning session, our partners:

  • Connected in-person to celebrate what we’ve been able to achieve together since our fall planning session, which was the first in-person event for our OHT since the COVID-19 pandemic started
  • Shared progress on our OHT’s work, including short-term and longer-term priorities to co-design improved healthcare and build a healthier community in East Toronto
  • Heard from our colleagues at Ontario Health and the Ontario Ministry of Health about provincial and regional priorities for health system transformation and OHTs
  • Reflected on a refreshed vision and shared purpose for our OHT

We are incredibly grateful to our partners at TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization, who helped our OHT organize and host this event in Thorncliffe Park and arranged tours of the now open Thorncliffe Park Youth Wellness Hub.

Our community advisors, Shirley Zhu, Mohammad Shabani, Razia Rashed, Omar Khan and Vicky Beach, also helped facilitate the session and present our OHT’s incredible achievements over the past eight months.

These include opening a Cold, Flu and COVID-19 Clinic in Thorncliffe Park during cold and flu season; hosting successful community events, like the Taylor-Massey Community Wellness Event; launching a series of caregiver support videos; and marching with other OHTs in the Toronto Pride Parade.

Our teams will take the feedback gathered during the session about ETHP’s priorities, as well as feedback on our refreshed vision and shared purpose, to help inform our next steps and planning work.

Thank you to our partners for attending the session and sharing insights on how we can continue to improve and integrate care for our East Toronto community!

Check out some photos from our Summer 2023 Planning Session below.

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