Information for People and Caregivers about Primary and Community Care (PCC) Response Teams

The following information is for people and caregivers who want to learn more about Primary and Community Care (PCC) Response Teams. 

The PCC Response Teams is an integrated care planning program offered by East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), the Ontario Health Team (OHT) serving East Toronto. We offer neighbourhood- and team-based care planning support to help adults aged 18 and older who have complex unmet health or social needs by:

  • Working with the care and support team to create a plan that they can use to address people's needs and coordinate their care, and
  • Helping to connect them to local services and supports. 

The PCC Response Teams can support you, your caregivers, and your care and support team by:

  • Providing advice to  help plan how best to support your needs.
  • Creating a plan for you that your whole team can see and use to work together to support you. We call this your Coordinated Care Plan.

What will my Coordinated Care Plan include?

Your Coordinated Care Plan may include:

  • A description of the factors that are affecting your well-being
  • A list of who is on your care and support team
  • A plan for how your care and support team will work together which may include connecting you to additional supports such as:
    • Food and housekeeping support
    • Financial services
    • Housing
    • Physical and mental wellness support
    • Supporting your caregivers

Am I eligible?

PCC Response Teams can support any adult aged 18 and older, especially people who:

  • Have complex needs and need help finding support
  • Live in the shaded areas on the map below:
    • Eglinton Avenue on the north, Midland Avenue on the east, Lake Ontario on the south and the Don Valley Parkway/Millwood Road on the west. 

You do not need a family doctor or health card.

I am not eligible for PCC Response Teams but I need support. What should I do?

If you are not eligible for this program but need support, we suggest the following:

  • If you live in East Toronto:
      • Visit to find health, social and community services in East Toronto, including services for seniors and caregivers, newcomer services, mental health supports and more.
  • If you live outside of East Toronto:
    • Contact  your primary care provider, case manager/worker, social worker or other healthcare provider to find out what supports are available to you.

How do I get connected to PCC Response Teams?

If you are eligible for this program, ask someone to refer you.

  • This could be your family doctor, personal support worker, case manager, supportive housing worker or other care provider.
  • You could say something like: "I heard about a program called PCC Response Teams, and am wondering if this is something that could help me. Here is the website:”

What can I expect?

  • Your provider will ask for your consent before they refer you. 
  • Your care team will attend a team meeting to discuss your situation anonymously.
    • A team meeting is when the health and social service providers meet virtually, so they can work together to determine how best to support your needs and create your Coordinated Care Plan.
    • You have a choice:
      • Option #1: You may ask to attend a team meeting with your provider to help make a plan for you.
      • Option #2: Your provider can speak on your behalf at a team meeting. 
  • Your care and support team will continue to update and use your Coordinated Care Plan to support you.